An interview with the most admirable teacher Dr. Sinchan Das..

As tomorrow is the national teacher’s day and the birth occasion of Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan an interview was conducted with Dr. Sinchan Das before the eve of this. An outstanding answers in a different way to explain some serious difficult questions where several teacher fails and in a very few words.

The questions to Dr. Sinchan Das and there answers were:-

1) According to you who is an ideal student?

To this question he explained alphabet to alphabet the meaning of a student , he replied-

“ S- Striving for Knowledge

T- Transparency in understanding & observation

U- Unbiased understanding

D- Dedicated towards the truth

E- Exploring in nature

N- Devoid of negativity & Never get done feelings

T- Trustworthy humanitarian soul & respectful

A student who has some easily definable strict but flexible ideologies, potential to ask questions and have a down to earth nature is an ideal student according to me.”

2) What are the tools of a teacher to educate student?

Dr. Sinchan Das said:- “No one can educate anybody, except the “NATURE”. Teachers can only inspire their pupils to explore, to engage themselves in searching, to observe and interpret in a scientific & logical manner.”

3) What must be the ideal goal of a student according to you?

Dr. Sinchan Das said “ To engage themselves for the betterment of the nature, to develop themselves as a library of their subjects & most importantly they have to engrave their names in the immortal positive chapters of history.”

4) An example of an ideal teacher with qualities?

He said on this “An ideal teacher must be an ideal student at first. A teacher must be a motivator, best friend, partner, guide and wise soul; but must not be an instructor, a controller or a number seeking machine. They have to identify the strong & weak points of their pupil. Teachers are there to take care the inherent talents of the children.”

5) Who was your model teacher?

Dr. Sinchan Das said that no one is his model teacher. And yes this is the bitter truth that several best teacher doesn’t have his model teacher. This is sad but this is the reality.

6) Is involvement of personal matter in teaching is good or bad? why?

He exclaimed “Obviously bad; because so-called personal matters can be a cause of distraction & biasness.”

7) if your child or anyone of your family/closed is in the same class will you demoralize others and make him feel proud or show him as the best student. If yes why, if no why not?

Dr. Sinchan Das on this explained as “The duty of a teacher is to consider all in an uniform manner. Special treatment is not only awkward rather it is a unmerciful offence, as that person is ruining the nobility of the position.”

8) What is the difference between a professional teacher and a guru?

He said “ For me, both are same. But socially they are considered as different.”

9) Self boasting is advantageous or disadvantageous in teaching profession. Why?

Dr. Sinchan Das answered this as “Not applicable for the profession. Because ‘Teachers’, ‘Medical personals’ & ‘Administrators’ must left themselves devoid from any negative or disharmonious or depressing impulses. They have to clear towards themselves what are the plus & minus points of them.”

10) According to you what actually is competition?

He said “For me, competition must possess following qualities.

C- Co-operation

O- Occupancy

M- Morality

P- Principle

E- Efficiency

T- Transparency

I- Individual completeness

T- Trusting spirit

I- Inter-personal respect

O- Out of box capacity

N- Devoid of negativity

But in real, what we termed as competition, those are worthless, non-sense and can be one of the principal cause of disbelief, malpractices, disrespect, unhealthy social life, hyper-individualistic mentality & violence.”

11) What is carrier according to you?

He answered:- “ Carrier is the combination of-

C- Complete feeling from the soul

A- Absolute peace of mind & soul

R- Enormous amount of respect

R- Immortal engraved records

I- Inspiring towards the society

E- Extreme level of honour & love

R- Rich in qualitative potentialities.

Carrier is that which make you immortal, even long-long time after your death.”

12) Suppose a person of age less than you is your teacher will you accept him as a teacher or not. Why??

He said “No issues of unacceptance. Age is not the matter. Matter is the inner richness of that person.”

So, this was the today’s interview with Dr. Sinchan Das , and glad to get this type of answers by him. We are grateful to have you as our beloved teacher sir.

The same question were asked to various other professors and teacher, and we are waiting for their answers.




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